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Before you make any purchase, our online pharmacy recommends that you carefully read its terms and conditions. is free to make any changes to the website and its rules and regulations at any time. Before you make a purchase with, please ensure that you have read and understood all terms and conditions.

All the products that, the online medical store offers are produced by Indian manufacturers as well as manufacturers from other countries in accordance with the FDA / WHO standards. This trusted Indian online pharmacy allows buyers to place bulk orders for personal use only (not for sale), without fear of being scammed.

The generic drugs are similar in chemical composition to their counterparts in the US. Indian subsidiary pharmaceutical companies receive a license from the chief pharmaceutical companies to patent prescription drugs, and then they put them up for purchase at a low price.

After the purchase, your credit card will be immediately charged. All details regarding the payment will be sent to you via email. We won’t ship your order until 24 hours after payment has been received. This allows you to change, cancel or update your address and/or the item that you have ordered.

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