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Order confirmation

When you place your order, Genericpharmacist will immediately email you an order confirmation. We are an online daily pharmacy, we strive to provide the fastest response to our customers. We will get in touch within twenty-four hours. You will receive a second email that confirms that your purchase is in the process of being processed. If we are unable to complete your order or you want o refund of your order or if there is an issue with your payment we will contact you.

Shipping confirmation

After your order is completed, it is likely to be delivered the next day. If necessary the shipping confirmation will be sent to you along with a tracking or trace code. If you have questions or concerns, an email will provide specific shipping dates and ways to reach us.

We can deliver to your address at home or even to your office if you would prefer.

Shipping via registered airmail costs $12. Registered Airmail is a popular method of shipping because it is much more secured and susceptible to being lost or stolen. It is required to sign the delivery. If you’re not present when the delivery is made, then the delivery notice will be sent to you with instructions on the delivery and contact details for the postal office. They will store them for a period of 4 weeks before they return them to us.

PO Boxes, as well as APO Addresses

We are able to provide delivery to PO Boxes as well as APO addresses, as long as the delivery method is used. On the Your My Account page, just change your primary shipping address at your post office box or APO address, as needed.


We are located offshore in India and your order will be considered by local Customs as being an import. If your package is processed by Customs there may be delays while they complete your order. It is recommended to give yourself extra time and place your place your order in advance so that you are not impacted during this time. The wait time can be as little as three to seven weeks in extreme situations before they reach out to you.

Delivery times

We deliver the majority of orders within 24 hours after you’ve kept it. The time of delivery is totally up to the courier or postal service. The table below shows typical time of delivery. Keep in mind that if customs delay your order because of impending customs duties on the import of goods, they might hold your order for up to 3-21 days before they contact you. If your order does not been delivered within the normal delivery date you should give an additional 7 days for delivery prior to contacting us to determine whether your order was delayed due to delivery, placed in customs or lost.

Orders that were not delivered and re-shipments

We will refund or reship for lost orders if we receive a response within 8 weeks of the date of delivery. No refunds or reshipments will be considered if the issue is reported to us after eight weeks. We will gladly replace any item that hasn’t been received, however under those conditions as follows:

  1. Another 7 days have passed over the normal delivery time from the date of delivery.
  2. The address for shipping provided to us is correct.

If you’ve supplied an incorrect address it will cost you for the new order. If the original order returns to us,, we will notify you of the details of the refund. The refund could take a few months because it is because the “return” postage was not paid.

Refund and Return

Our genericpharmacist offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you receive an item that is crashed in any way, or if you do not receive your order at all, then we will give you some other package. If you’d like to receive an exchange, we’ll give you the full amount upon your request. In this case we suggest you wait 30 days from the date that your order was delivered. If the order has not been received in the 30 days that have passed but you have not received your order, or if you’ve not found any evidence that your order was been cancelled or returned Please send us support tickets to our refund department. We will handle all support requests promptly. Genericpharmacist is here to please every one of our customers. Customers are the primary priority. We’ll refund any item, so you have received the item back from you promptly and the item can be used again. The product must be in a state of use and unopened that have an expiry time that is more than three months.