Vidalista 5 Mg

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name)



Erectile Dysfunction


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10 tablets in 1 strip



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Vidalista 5 Mg
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Vidalista 5mg is a tablet used for eliminating the condition of erectile dysfunction in men. It is a condition when men cannot perform well on bed. Due to non proper erection, of their genetals. The main reason behind this is the lack of hormones that spark the brain and produces the enough flow of blood through the penis. 

Vidalista which stimulates the necessary conditions which allows brain to increase the blood flow. It also relaxes the muscles which further aids the flow of blood and thereby maintain a proper erection. 


You need to strictly follow the dose as prescribed by your physicians after considering your situation. You should never increase or decrease the dose on your own will. Never ever consume more than one tablet in a day as their must be sufficient time gap between the two dosages.

Missed Dose

Generally, the medicine is consumed 45 minutes before the sex. Therefore, it is likely that you may not have any specific dosing schedule.


In case, you have consumed two tablets in a day and you are experiencing blood vision, bladder pain, bloody or cloudy urine, chest pain or difficulty in breathing then you must immediately consult with your physician on emergency basis.  

Side effects

Their are only some common side effects associated with the medicine if consumed as per the instructions of the physicians. These side effects are very common and does not require immediate medical attention. These includes stuffy nose, back pain, readiness. You may also experience headache, dizziness, low blood sugar change in color vision, difficulty with moving, indigestion, heart burn and sore throat etc. 


The medicine may interact with other drugs and can produce serious health conditions like sudden decrease in blood pressure etc. so, precaution must be taken while consuming the medicine if you are already taking any life saving drugs or having specific allergies. 

Person suffering from angina, heart surgery, heart rhythem disorder, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, stomach ulcer, kidney disease etc. Must avoid this medicine without consulting their family physicians.


Proper precaution must be taken while storing the medicine otherwise, it may get damage and becomes unfit for consumptions. It should be stored in a air tighten container at a place away from the children and pets. The place must be at room temperature and must not have any form of moisture.

General FAQs

What other drugs will affect vidalista 5mg?

If you are consuming any other medicine for treating erectile dysfunction of any other brand then it may produce severe health impact.

How long does vidalista 5mg take to work?

It is strongly recommended that to take the medicine at least 30-60 minutes before the sex in order it to proper functions. 

Can i take Vidalista 5mg?   

It is highly recommended that one can consume 5 mg as it produces the beneficial results on the person who are suffering from ED.

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  1. Serena Bobby

    My husband suffered from erectile dysfunction and I went online and read Vidalista 5 reviews and which is why I bought vidalista 5 from Now my husband’s performance in bed is good after taking this medicine. We had a very satisfying experience.

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